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Dear Sir, with deep sorrow, I stated that I am a retired ranker defence person, I invested 6 lac from my pension commutation. I have served 29 years respectable service in my lovely and honorable defence service. Sir my 6 Lac of my Hallal Rizq is being Ghirq in River by the This Elixir Group of Company. I am very much disturbed and being mentally psycho patient about my whole life saving which is buried in the grave of Elixir Group of Company. Sir please help me in this crucial time.

Shabbir Hussain s/o Abdul Rahman (Tel 0322-8548336 my brother's cel)

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #809701

uh yeah when you learn to type in english and make sense maybe someone can then direct you to contact whoever the *** it is you were trying to contact in the first place rather then putting that complete waste of nonsense you typed there.

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